PicoMan, Mobile First Design Theme for TCExam Available

Picoman TCExam Theme

PicoMan is a Mobile First Design (Responsive) TCExam Theme created by mamans86. For a while this theme is only applied to public area. Maybe, if any spare time available he will create Admin Theme too for Picoman.

Picoman Theme is built on top Pico.css (https://picocss.com/). Pico.css is a classless CSS that will make your website looks good only with HTML. 

Picoman Theme Features

  1. Mobile First Design, Responsive, So this make TCExam more user friendly on smaller Device, like smartphone, tablet, and so on.
  2. User interface is just look like Bootstrap, but small in size. No jQuery, just vanilla JavaScript.
  3. Password Field Toggler on login form, and other form that require password.
  4. Font Resizer Utility on Public Test Taker
  5. Unsure Button to mark unsure question (using HTML5 LocalStorage to store unsure question index)
  6. Dark / Light Mode Switcher
  7. Maybe it will work on any modern browser today.


  1. Go to /public/config/ of your TCExam installation. Make sure you are using TCExam version 14.4.0 or higher.
  2. Edit the file tce_config.php with Text Editor
  3. In K_PUBLIC_THEME change default to picoman just like this example
    * Theme for the public area
    define('K_PUBLIC_THEME', 'picoman');
  4. Download 3 files are provided on this github: picoman.css, picoman_rtl.css and picoman.php
  5. Copy picoman.css and picoman_rtl.css to /public/styles/ directory
  6. Copy picoman.php to /public/config/theme/ directory
  7. Done

Additional License

Please keep his credit and link visible and reachable. thanks :)


PicoMan Login Page
PicoMan Login Page

Test Form Area
Test Form Area with Font Resizer and Mark Unsure Question Utility

Question List with Marked Unsure Question
Question List with Marked Unsure Question

Dark / Light Mode Switcher

Font Resizer Utility
Font Resizer Utility


you can make a donation if you feel this theme is suit your need :)
Contact him for donation info
telegram: @mamans86

Update Info

Download PicoMan Theme on Github

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