How to Import Question from Microsoft Word file Format to TCExam

TCExam is the most popular online test software available on the market, but it has no intuitive user interface for inputing question to the system.

The basic editor and the flow of  user experience when creating question is the bad part of the software.

But now you can create a question bank with Microsoft Word file format.

There is MS Word to XML Converter that you can use for free from this link.

This converter need free login account that you can request from Admin.

Admin from this MS Word to XML Converter is Mr.Man. You can contact him via WhatsApp or Telegram to request login account.

Before using this converter you need to enable HTML tag for TCExam that you can read from this link.

And, if you use MySQL or MariaDB database you need altering some TCExam tables to store large TEXT. You can read the step from this link.

After doing the two step above, your TCExam can be able to use generated XML File Format from MS Word to XML Converter.

Okey, now this is the step how to use the MS Word to XML Converter:

  1. Download MS Word File Format here
  2. After downloading, change or add question as you want according to rules provided there
  3. You can save the file after finish add or change questions
  4. Press CTRL+A to select all questions.
  5. Press CTRL+C to copy all questions.
  6. Open MS Word to XML Converter and login with your account.
  7. Open Converter menu
  8. Paste all your question on the editor
  9. Review and edit questions if you want
  10. Click PROCEED button to start processing your questions
  11. All question will be displayed, and you can review the question. If you want to retry edit process or re-paste the question, click Retry button bellow.
  12. But, if everything is okay, you can click Convert and Download XML Format
  13. This XML file can be imported to your TCExam installation.

To import XML files into TCExam the steps are:

  1. Login using an account prepared by your TCExam Admin, at least is an account that has the ability to import questions, for example level 5
  2. Admin accounts usually automatically have the ability to Import Questions
  3. After logging in to the Modules - Import menu
  4. In the form provided, click Choose File to select the XML file that we downloaded earlier
  5. Then click the SEND button to enter the questions into the database
  6. Imported questions can be checked again via the Modules - List menu

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